10,000 miles on Triumph TRWs

A pretty postwar line-up. Glen French from Ontario flew the flag for Canada on the Scottish expedition.

It finally dawned on me what the Triumph TRW 500cc side valve is all about just as we were coming down Cumbria’s Hardknott Pass – arguably Britain’s most challenging road.

Halfway up the western flank is a ferociously steep, narrow 120 degree hairpin with a scarred and bumpy surface. You’ll know it if you have ridden it.


Halfway round the hairpin was a new BMW R1200GS, upside down in a ditch.

Members of Team TRW leapt into action, pulling the Beamer upright and getting the slightly embarrassed rider back in action.

No shame, really. A loaded GS BMW is a big, heavy brute if you stall or lose your footing, as many people (including me) know from experience.


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