Vincent H.R.D. 499cc OHV – Road test PDF Download


Downloadable PDF of the 1933 Road test of Vincent HRD 499cc OHV model


To the casual observer, the 1933 superports Vincent H.R.D. (499 c.c. semi-radial-valve Python engine) appears to be a straightforward sports machine. Closer inspection soon reveals an entirely different state of affairs. First one point and then another show the many ways in which the requirements of the: keen rider have been studied and met.

The outstanding feature is the spring frame, which allows the whole rear frame assembly to pivot about a point just behind the gear box. Two fully enclosed compression springs, with accessible damping adjustment, are placed in an inconspicuous position immediately beneath the saddle.

When sitting astride, it is possible for the rider to bounce in the saddle and feel the frame give under his weight. This sensation disappears when the machine is on the move , leaving only the impression that roads which are uncomfortably bumpy to a rigid-framed machine have magically become smooth.

At low speeds the steering of the machine tested had a peculiar action, as if it were gyroscopically controlled, giving the impression that the machine had to be forced over for a bend.

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