Suzuki GT750J Road Test – PDF Download


4 Page – PDF Download – Complete Article – Suzuki GT750J Road Test

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4 Page – PDF Download – Complete Article – Suzuki GT750J Road Test

“Suzuki’s Superbike”

If ever a bike emphasised that to score a high popularity rating it’s not what you do but the way that you do it, Suzuki’s scintillating GT750J is a front-runner.

Maximum-speed and standing -quarter-mile ratings might tip one side of the scale slightly, but what the Suzuki lacks in sheer performance – and it isn’t much – it more than compensates for in other directions.

In a nutshell, it exudes appeal for the rider who wants sports-machine performance in a refined package.

With a maximum of 110 mph and a standing-quarter-mile time of 14s, this water-cooled, 738cc, three-cylinder two stroke is up with its superbike contemporaries, yet it gives a massive torque bonus in the lower and middle rev range.

The cooling system immediately singles the machine out from the others. As well as holding engine temperature at the best level for optimum performance under stress, the water jacketing keeps mechanical noise below the usual with high-performance two-strokes. Another credit for this bike concerns the fuel consumption. For a big two-stroke multi, the overall figure of 44 mpg is excellent.


Power build-up as the throttle is opened is fast and progressive right from 2,000 to the 6,500 rpm peak, and the revs would happy go into the red sector of the meter, starting at 7,000. Because the engine is so outstandingly smooth and vibration-free, an eye had to be kept on the dial to avoid over-revving in the lower gears.

For the ultimate in acceleration, of course, peak-power revs should be used in the gears, but the GT750J produces plenty of zip if changes are made at the relatively low engine speed of 4,000 rpm.

While not the fastest of the superbikes over the standing quarter-mile, it does its stuff effortlessly and at an extremely low level of mechanical, exhaust and induction noise…”

4 Page – PDF Download – Complete Article – Suzuki GT750J Road Test

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