BSA Gold Star B32 348cc – PDF Download


3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – BSA Gold Star B32 348cc

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3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – BSA Gold Star B32 348cc

Road Tests of Current Models
The 348 c.c. o.h.v Model B32 ‘Gold Star’ B.S.A.

The manufacturers of this machine describe it as the ‘ultimate refinement of its type’ and it is quite certainly a motorcycle that has been developed to produce horses of the most lusty variety, it is also a mount that requires to be ‘ridden’ rather than ‘sat upon’, and will delight those, clubmen in particular, who require a model capable of performing the diverse duties of the sporting motorcycle. Again, quoting the manufacturer, ‘ this machine has been designed primarily for competition work and is not for the tourist who wishes to potter gently around the countryside.’

Four Types Available 

Broadly speaking, the 348 c.c. ‘Gold Star’ B.S.A. is available in four forms – touring, trials, scrambles and road racing. Throughout the frame, engine and gearbox are basically the same, but with a range of pistons, cams, valves, carburetters and gear ratios to suit the sphere of activity chosen. With a view to presenting a picture of the ‘Gold Star’ in both extremes of its form, an example was taken over for test first as a ‘tourer’ and then, as it is available for Clubman’s T.T. riders.

The touring version is an extremely attractive motorcycle, chrome is lavishly used and the frame, fork legs, headlamp, toolbox and oil tank are the only parts enamelled black. For the rest, Chrome makes cleaning simple; indeed, an oily cloth removes stains and dust and brings to light a ‘showroom finish’ without need for polish.

The Rev. Counter

An unusual fitting on a road machine, an engine revolution counter, was paired with a 120 m.p.h. speedometer in a dual mounting on top of the fork legs…”

3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – BSA Gold Star B32 348cc

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