A missed opportunity

7 November 2014
The stunning G50CSR on the cover of the November 2014 issue; now, here is the reason that the British industry went to the wall, a real missed opportunity. The management was totally incapable of seeing past their corporate noses Read more

An issue with engine vibration comment

7 November 2014
I read with great interest the article regarding the Matchless G50CSR in TCM November 2014 issue Read more

Bert Hopwood

7 November 2014
In response to Steve Wilson’s comments about Bert Hopwood (TCM November issue), I must confess that I added the comment “... amazingly, could not ride a motorcycle.” Read more

Wrong Norton

3 October 2014
The bike that Peter Weait won the best heavyweight with, at the Norton rally (report, October issue), is a 1968 P11A Ranger 750, and not a Matchless G15 as stated in the caption Read more

Hopwood’s motorcycling history

3 October 2014
Apropos, TCM’s review of Mick Duckworth’s book Triumph Experimental (October issue) Read more

A few points

3 October 2014
Yet another superb issue (October 2014) with lots of interesting things, making it my best read of the month Read more

NUT corrections

5 September 2014
After reading the article in August’s edition of The Classic MotorCycle regarding the 1920 NUT restoration, I feel compelled to correct some inaccuracies, in the interests of historical accuracy and putting the record straight Read more

A Different point of view

5 September 2014
I read the letter from Chris Ward (September 2014) with mounting disbelief and I salute your sense of fairness in printing it and your self control in not putting any form of response Read more

Baker sought

5 September 2014
I enjoyed your article on the Beardmore Precision (April 2014) and its bits of odd design Read more

Credit where credit's due

1 August 2014
In the August 2014 edition Alan Turner, one of your contributors, refers to the Pioneer Run as well as the Sunbeam club itself Read more

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• Closer Look – 1952 Sidecar GP season   
• Jerry Thurston column   
• Marque of distinction – Velocettes  
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