Wrong Norton

3 October 2014
The bike that Peter Weait won the best heavyweight with, at the Norton rally (report, October issue), is a 1968 P11A Ranger 750, and not a Matchless G15 as stated in the caption Read more

Hopwood’s motorcycling history

3 October 2014
Apropos, TCM’s review of Mick Duckworth’s book Triumph Experimental (October issue) Read more

A few points

3 October 2014
Yet another superb issue (October 2014) with lots of interesting things, making it my best read of the month Read more

NUT corrections

5 September 2014
After reading the article in August’s edition of The Classic MotorCycle regarding the 1920 NUT restoration, I feel compelled to correct some inaccuracies, in the interests of historical accuracy and putting the record straight Read more

A Different point of view

5 September 2014
I read the letter from Chris Ward (September 2014) with mounting disbelief and I salute your sense of fairness in printing it and your self control in not putting any form of response Read more

Baker sought

5 September 2014
I enjoyed your article on the Beardmore Precision (April 2014) and its bits of odd design Read more

Credit where credit's due

1 August 2014
In the August 2014 edition Alan Turner, one of your contributors, refers to the Pioneer Run as well as the Sunbeam club itself Read more

Thanks for the feature

1 August 2014
For someone, like myself, whose natural profile is usually to be found somewhere bumping along the bottom I am very happy to have had an article in your fine magazine featuring me Read more

I remember them!

1 August 2014
Schweizo Brothers (as mentioned Letters, May 2014) are still vivid in my memory, as my dad bought my first motorbike from their Dartford shop in 1967 Read more

Remembering Mr Benn

4 July 2014
I was very pleased to see the obituary for Tony Benn in the June 2014 issue of The Classic MotorCycle and what a generous and thoughtful obituary it was by Nigel C Winter Read more

Current Issue: The Classic MotorCycle Issue 41-11 - Nov 2014

• Triumph CTT
• BSA A10 Golden Flash
• Rex-Acme Blackburnes
• Straight from the plate – Crystal Palace, 1957
• Matchless G50CSR (cover story)
• Baz and Jenny Staple interview
• Men who mattered – Tim Hunt
• Roy Poynting column
• Jerry Thurston column
• Marque of distinction – Moto Guzzi

• Ted Mellors reflections
• Closer Look – 1914 ‘no show’
• You were asking
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