Proposed EU ban on chromium plating

5 December 2014
Firstly, congratulations on the job you are doing at The Classic MotorCycle, which is, for my money, the best of the classic motorcycle publications Read more

On the tail of Bert Hopwood

5 December 2014
I was intrigued by the letters which have appeared by those unaware of Bert Hopwood’s ability to ride a motorcycle Read more

Smoke and mirrors

5 December 2014
Am I getting old? Is this a sure sign? Read more

A missed opportunity

7 November 2014
The stunning G50CSR on the cover of the November 2014 issue; now, here is the reason that the British industry went to the wall, a real missed opportunity. The management was totally incapable of seeing past their corporate noses Read more

An issue with engine vibration comment

7 November 2014
I read with great interest the article regarding the Matchless G50CSR in TCM November 2014 issue Read more

Bert Hopwood

7 November 2014
In response to Steve Wilson’s comments about Bert Hopwood (TCM November issue), I must confess that I added the comment “... amazingly, could not ride a motorcycle.” Read more

Wrong Norton

3 October 2014
The bike that Peter Weait won the best heavyweight with, at the Norton rally (report, October issue), is a 1968 P11A Ranger 750, and not a Matchless G15 as stated in the caption Read more

Hopwood’s motorcycling history

3 October 2014
Apropos, TCM’s review of Mick Duckworth’s book Triumph Experimental (October issue) Read more

A few points

3 October 2014
Yet another superb issue (October 2014) with lots of interesting things, making it my best read of the month Read more

NUT corrections

5 September 2014
After reading the article in August’s edition of The Classic MotorCycle regarding the 1920 NUT restoration, I feel compelled to correct some inaccuracies, in the interests of historical accuracy and putting the record straight Read more

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