Early Bultaco four speed model classic motorcycle

Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide

Tandon Kangaroo classic motorcycle

Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles: the definitive classic motorcycle guide

1932 Ariel VH32 Red Hunter classic British motorcycle

This four-valve sporting Ariel single was only catalogued for the single season, though its name lived on...

Rudge Special 1939 classic motorcycle

One man’s lifelong love affair with his Rudge has resulted in a show winner that means far more than money to its owner...

Alfred Angus Scott British classic motorcycle maker profile

In the history of the British motorcycling movement the name of Alfred Angas Scott stands highest, in the estimation of many impartial observers. The Yorkshire genius, who died on August 11, 1923, was an uncompromising engineer who had strong views on motorcycle design...

William A Davidson, Walter Davidson, Arthur Davidson and William S Harley

Mike Lewis offers a selective model history of the famous American motorcycle marque, Harley-Davidson. In this first instalment, we focus on the company's classic Pre-War models...

JAP classic motorcycle speedway engine

Considering it was almost never made, the competition single had an extraordinarily successful competition career. It is fortunate that John Prestwich, founder of the world-famous company that manufactured JAP engines, had second thoughts after visiting a local speedway meeting in 1928...

The Duo-Glide came about in the Sixties – ideal for crossing vast distances.

Mike Lewis takes a selective Post-War look at key models from the famous American motorcycle marque, Harley-Davidson...

1946 Indian Chief classic American motorcycle

From engineering brilliance to obso­lesence, Richard Renstrom charts the rise and fall of Indian’s mighty v-twin Chief motorcycle...

1929 Super Onslow Special classic motorcycle

SOS machines of any age are few and far between, as they were built in such limited numbers. So the even rarer vintage-era machines fall into the 'hen's teeth' category…

Current Issue: 41-05 - May 2014

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41-05 - May 2014

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