One of six genuine roadsters built, so very rare. Classic Bike Guide editor Nigel Clark explains the attraction...
There's one thing that can outweigh any pretensions about originality, concours, you name it, on a motorcycle and it can be summed up in just one little word - fun! Nigel C headed north to indulge in a day's ménage à trois...
A motorcycle road safety film from 1955, made by the Liverpool Motorcycle dealership Victor Horsman. It is filmed in and around the Wirral and Liverpool City Centre. The film features various riders such as Nobby Clark Bill Quinn, Eric Wilson, Keith Walker and Ken Morris. Great footage. Pip, pip...
Bike racer Giacomo Agostini fires up a three-cylinder MV Agusta, and the sound it makes is like nothing you've ever heard before. Imagine an angry cat meeting a megaphone burble, then multiply it by three. Must-watch video footage!
1970 four-cylinder MV Agusta gets a brief start up and few blips of the throttle. Enough to hear that distinctive engine and exhaust note...
In 1975 Kenny Roberts won the Indy Mile riding the legendary Yamaha TZ750 flat tracker - a bike so powerful that it was soon banned by the AMA. Stunning footage as Kenny rides the old bike again, and look out for the original clip as the Yamaha starts last and gradually reels the pack in...
Triumph's Bonneville range has carved a very successful niche into motorcycling worldwide and the Thruxton version has filled a gap for those who want the traditional café racer look. However, there's always someone who wants a bit more. Nigel C discovers one such man and gets quite a surprise...
What would you sooner have in your shed, a Vincent Black Shadow or an MV Agusta? For some that would be a difficult question, but not for Mick Gowan, he knows exactly which he prefers. Video from Classic Bike Guide last November and the voice belongs to CBG editor Nigel Clark...
Eighties Earls Court sandpit action as the RAF bikers take on the Army equivalents on a mixed bag of machinery, some more cumbersome than others. Lovely cut-glass English voiceover... ...
In the late nineteen hundreds and early nineteen twenties Frantisek Marik was the chief importer of American-made motorcycles into the Czech Republic. He was also a keen amateur film maker. The following is a film he made in 1920 while on holiday in Daytona, Florida...

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