Fascinating footage from BSA's Birmingam plant. Film starts with the Bantam, Gold Star and scooter production lines, then takes viewers through track testing, finishing and, finally, despatch...
BSA promotional factory film from the Birmingham plant. All very upbeat, as is the music. Look out for the AA patrolman rider procession and on-road footage at end of video...
Think of a Triton and the engine unit will invariably be 650cc, or bigger. However, the general consensus is that most British vertical twins are at their sweetest at 500cc. Nigel Clark reviews a combination that forgoes outright performance for an altogether nicer ride...
Meriden's final years were a rollercoaster ride. This documentary gives an insight into the challenges the determined workforce faced, and how successsive governments let the company down...
Third and final part of the Triumph promotional footage. Watch out for the roller test run, bolshie motorbike policeman and the white helmet display team, where 20 team members climb aboard a standard Triumph twin on the move! Pip pip...
Lovely old footage from the Triumph factory, where workers assembled gearboxes whilst eating a sandwich and smoking. That's not true, of course, but you could believe it...
Triumph factory workers show how it's done. Lovely period film with the usual cut glass-accented commentary and backing music. Look out for some Brunel-like gear-cutting machinery...
A bit of nostalgia with John Noakes and Shep on the Isle of Man. Our John assisted by Shep is trying to ride a trials motorcycle...
Most impressive demonstration we've seen so far of the Pinlock visor system's anti-misting properties. Video courtesy of VAZ Helmets at www.vaz.com.br
With Morgo having been making a big bore 750cc kit for the T120 650cc Triumph Bonneville for many years, we wondered how such an aftermarket conversion compared with the factory built 750cc T140. Would it trounce it?

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The Classic MotorCycle Issue 42-01 - Jan 2015

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