Marvel at the spectacle of the race start, but this is a marathon, not a sprint, although some of the riders don't seem to be pacing themselves much! Plus the high number of entrants guarantees some high-thrill manoeuvres....
We've fast-forwarded to part four, where dusk is falling and the bikes are illuminating the track with their headlights. Some tears as mechanical failure and rider fatigue sets in, but the end's in sight. The Honda technicians look happy. Can't imagine why...
Fast Freddie Spencer and King Kenny Roberts in close circuit combat at the 1983 GP. Two riders at the peak of their ability, neither wanting to yield. Notice the push start and ignore the voice-over at the end - unless you speak Japanese...
We caught up racing legend Alan Carter for an exclusive and in-depth interview hosted by Tony Carter at the 1st Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic show. Alan's career and personal life has been filled by tragedy, and in the (long) interview he's brutally honest about the past events which have shaped him...
Second instalment of the competitive Freddie Spencer and Kenny Roberts duel during the '83 season. This one's the Dutch GP. Again the push start can be a real leveller when vying for position on the first bend. What is also clear by the slow motion footage is how much manhandling these bikes needed round the bends
A promotional video for Lit Motors' C-1, a fully-electric, fully-enclosed, self-balancing motorcycle. Is this the future? Dry, warm, room for sandwiches, uncrashable (well partly) two-wheeled transport? Er, no, but interesting project nonetheless
Tony Carter caught up with motorcycle racing star Steve Plater at the Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic show for an in depth and exclusive interview. Plater suffered some horrific injuries in the last two seasons and he speaks candidly about his recovery...
Major Project for my BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation undergraduate degree at Bournemouth University (NCCA). 8 months of work from concept to completion. CGI produced in Houdini 9.5, composited in Shake
High definition slow motion tribute to the most amazing race the world knows and the riders who risk everything each year. Enhanced by fitting soundtrack. Make sure you watch this one!
Second Suzuki serving on the evolvement of the GSX-R, celebrating twenty-five years of production. Plenty of track footage, some development stuff and a chat with Kevin Schwantz. Watch out for the factory's method of bike testing!

Current Issue: 41-05 - May 2014

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41-05 - May 2014

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