Lanark, May 2012 - Motocross at Lanark - Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club

Motocross demonstrations are running the Lanark Show until midday, and quite a spectacle they are too. The course measures half a mile and there are plenty of vantage points...

We spoke with organiser David Hillis and Richard Winn, press officer of the Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club, who focus on and promote classic scrambling or 'pre-65' as it's often called.

Classic scrambling is currently attracting more devotees and this is mainly because of the prohibitively expensive cost of modern machinery. It's as much fun as the modern but more affordable, as you can pick up a typical bike for £1,500.

Some specialist kit is required, of course: body belt, heavy duty boots, gloves and body armour, and you'll notice most riders use a peaked helmet and goggles, so they can dodge mud thrown up from bikes in front. But it is still an affordable and enjoyable sport.

The choice facing new competitors is whether to go for a Seventies two-stroke, which are cheaper to maintain or a British four stroke, the latter having a more forgiving spread of speed, but both are competitive. Bike engines can use methanol - wood alcohol - to gain an immediate 30 per cent power advantage, assuming you have the larger carb which is necessary. It's also an 'all-age' sport, for competitors and machinery.

We watched one of the races over the half-mile course and it's a visual treat. Commentary from Richard was helpful to the novice. Editor of Classic Dirt Bike Tim Britton managed a couple of laps as a travelling marshall on the Can-Am 250cc competition prize. Act fast if you haven't seen the demonstrations at Lanark!

All this and more at The Carole Nash Great Scottish Bike Show!

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