Kevin Carmichael Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Rider

Scottish stuntriding legend Kevin Carmichael thrilled an appreciative crowd at the rear of the Lanark Agricultural Centre with his first performance of the day...

Kevin runs two Triumphs, a 675 and Speed Triple and apart from a change of handlebars to accommodate the handlebar brake, a design he pioneered, a kickplate at the back and a nifty igniter, which gives off flames to enhance the display, the bikes are remarkably stock. Tyres are off the type any superbike might be fitted with (we spotted a Michelin Pilot on the back of the Speed Triple) and the tyre pressures are kept the same as the road bike.

The stunt area was a cordoned off 100x50-yard smooth section of concrete at the rear of the Centre, which allowed both bikes enough acceleration and speed for the stunts. What followed was nothing short of remarkable. Donuts, burnouts, stoppies, wheelies, feet up on seat, steering with no hands, hopping off the bike with it encircling him. Mid stunt on a couple of occasions, because the bike was virtually vertical and fuel starved, you could hear Kevin restarting the engine. This was done with a seamless skill and minimum fuss.

The Classic MotorCycle Issue 42-01 - Jan 2015

Where legends come to life

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