1958 BSA Gold Star & 1957 BSA B31

There's one thing that can outweigh any pretensions about originality, concours, you name it, on a motorcycle and it can be summed up in just one little word - fun! Nigel C headed north to indulge in a day's ménage à trois...

I don’t know quite what it is about a British single that makes people stop, stare and grin when you ride past, but when two of us, on said British singles, both with negligible silencing, made our way out of town, up into the moors to the reservoir, shoppers, walkers and boaters alike all took up the archetypal smiley gawp!

This story began about five years ago when Martin England got a crazy notion to travel the route of the Paris-Dakar Rally. He didn’t want to do it on the usual kind of Dakar machine though, he fancied doing it on a classic. So when he spotted a sound 1958 BSA B31 frame, complete with V5C, at Rufford Autojumble, the project began – and within little more than a year he had, not one, but two, superb machines which epitomise motorcycling fun...

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The Classic MotorCycle Issue 42-01 - Jan 2015

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