About Classic Bikers Club

About Classic Bikers Club

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Welcome to the Classic Bikers Club website. We believe we offer visitors a unique resource drawn from our massive archive of images and literature going back to the turn of the twentieth century. News, image galleries, road tests, archive, videos and workshop and reference features are just some of the gems in this nostalgic treasure-trove.

There are three ways to access the website. You can browse as an ordinary user, or register (which is free) and gain access to our money-saving competitions and be able to contribute to the discussion area. Or, if you're a subscriber to one of our classic motorcycle titles listed below, you can enter your unique six digit Customer/Subscription ID number* into your registered profile to gain access to content not visible to ordinary users.
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Registering is required to enter any online competitions and to contribute to the Classic Bikers Club discussion forums.
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If you are a subscriber to any of our magazines below*, you can view all CBC content, which includes the 90,000-word authoritative A-Z Encyclopaedia of Classic Motorcycles, and all other Reference, Archive and Workshop features which are hidden to ordinary users. If you don’t currently subscribe to one of our titles view them on the www.classicmagazines.co.uk website.

Remember, to access all areas, you have to be a subscriber.
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1. Click 'Register' on the very top black bar (see pic, right).
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4. Go to email inbox and open email from Classic Bikers Club and click on activation link.
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Once you are registered you can enter your subscription details
1. Login to Classic Bikers Club (click 'Login', see above illustration) and enter email address and password.
2. Once logged in, you will see your username in the same top right black bar - click on it!
Subscriber ID3. Click on the 'Edit' tab to amend your details.
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5. Enter your 6-digit Customer ID/Subscriber ID. This is found on correspondence from Mortons Media, or on your mailing sheet with every issue posted to you.
6. If you haven't done it already, fill in the First name, Surname fields. They MUST match your subscription name.
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The system will confirm if your subscription details have been confirmed and approved. You will now have instant access to all the articles on the site, as well as hidden special subscriber partner offers, competitions and more.

Need help?
Question: I've entered my Customer ID, but I still cannot access premium content.
There are three possible reasons for this

1. Your Customer ID or name is not entered correctly. The site will warn you when you click 'Save'. Please contact us (t: 01507 529529) to verify your details.

2. Your subscription has lapsed. You can visit Classic Magazines now and check the status of your subscription(s) - and renew if needed! If you renew, you'll need to wait 24 hours for the new content to become re-available.

3. You've made a recent change to your profile (added bike information, address or other data). Please click on your username to view your profile. Click the 'Edit' tab, then 'Subscriber Details' tab, then 'Save'. You should see the 'Registered Subscriber' message again.

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The Classic MotorCycle

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