Scott celebrating centenary

By Tim Britton, 20 December 2013
Frank Phillips Scott mounted for the very first Scott Trial

Off roaders will know that the greatest one day trial in the world ‘The Scott’ will be 100 years old in 2014. Though no longer exclusively the preserve of Scott motorcycles the Yorkshire two-strokes are the reason for the event in the first place...

Unique in major observed trials the Scott has a time element making winning it a balancing act between setting a faster time or keeping your feet up.

There are of course those who can hurtle round like racers and still keep their feet up but for most winners it has been a case of taking a second or two to check the sections and saving a few marks.

Anyway, former winner Alan Lampkin is arranging a centenary celebration late on in 2014 and is looking for as many past winners to come along as is physically possible. Look out for more details as and when they’re firmed up.

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