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By Tim Britton, 21 September 2013

Latest on the accessory shop shelves is a new carburettor inlet stub for mounting Monobloc or Concentric carburettors onto BSA Gold Stars, specialist earplugs and a couple of new books...

Basically the standard carb studs are 2.5in apart and the Monobloc and Concentric need 2in. Surrey Cycles does two types – for the 350 and 500 Goldie. It is the latest addition to the Surrey Cycles carburettor range and is to the usual standard enthusiasts have come to expect from the company. The studs are stainless steel so won’t go rusty at the first sign of anything but arid dryness in the atmosphere.

Cost is £46 plus £5 postage in the UK. More info from:

• Earplugs offer precision noise filtration
These are earplugs from Auritech and described as precision noise filtration. There is little doubt these days that exposure to noise is a factor in deafness as we get older. It makes sense to take care of your hearing and earplugs are one way to do it. What wasn’t realised for a long time was the effects of wind noise on hearing and helmets can actually increase this problem. What manifests itself is a ringing in the ears after a prolonged ride and motorway speeds. We’ve not tried these earplugs yet – no unkind comments please about the editor’s fleet not being fast enough. They come with a small carry tube that will slip in the pocket or on a keyring and keep the plugs safe.

Cost is £19.95 and you can get more information from

• Enjoy Cross words
The alternative world of the biker gang is documented in Phil Cross’s book Gypsy Joker to a Hells Angel which takes the reader on a trip from Phil’s early days in the Navy to current, active member of the Hells Angels. Along the way, there are fights, injuries, violence and brushes with the law as Cross lives life by his own code. If this world is one that fascinates you then this book should be an enjoyable read.

Authors are Phil and Meg Cross and the book's published by Motorbooks. Cost: £19.99 and should be available from all good book shops.

• By Zeus this is a mine of information
What is it? It is a Zeus book and as such it has very little to do with Greek mythology and a whole lot to do with formulae used in drilling holes, tapping said holes and a whole load of other engineering information. It is 61⁄4in x 35⁄16in and has 14 pages. Its paper is coated so it will be okay to use in the workshop when you’ve got oily fingers. No matter what level of metal working equipment you have, this book ought to be there alongside it.

Cost is £5.50 including postage and will be well worth it. Our copy came from Avon Engineering on 01454 324546 or

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