BMF’s Tailend, sprinkled with Stardust

By Tim Britton, 17 September 2013
Alvin Stardust joins the ride in on the Sunday’s BMF

BMF Show organiser The Mulberry Group has announced that this year’s Tailend Show will have some extra features and some very special guests over the weekend...

“We have supported an epic 4000 mile coastline ride for autism throughout the year,” said Mulberry’s MD Martin Chick, “and the culmination of this fantastic feat, undertaken by Paul Newman, will be a ride into the show on Sunday morning and Paul will be accompanied by our very special guest and NAS supporter, 1970s pop legend – Alvin Stardust. He will be our headline act on Saturday evening on the main stage and will then ride in with Paul on Sunday morning and spend some time on the NAS stand.”

The BMF Tailend Show offers a fully packed weekend of entertainment, awesome stunt riding and what promises to be a great end of season party! If you are free this weekend September 13-15, ride over to Peterborough… it may well be worth it!

• Clubs... we could make life easier!
One of the biggest hassles in a club life is production of the regular magazine, calendar, flyer or any of the hundreds of other printing needs a club needs.

We at OBM know this because we’re involved in the club scene too and the OBM parent group Mortons knows more than a thing or two about printing… with around a million newspapers a week printed here.

OBM is actually printed in-house and watching it whizz round the presses is fascinating. However, it’s not the only printing we can do and club mags, brochures, flyers and calendars are all turned out on our digital presses. Rapid and reasonably costed too, so there’s a potential saving for club resources.

Not only can we print it but we can send it out for you too thanks to our combined printing and mailing services here at OBM HQ. Whether it’s a leaflet advertising an event you have planned, a calendar, a newsletter or a glossy brochure, our digital press and experienced staff can take on jobs of all kinds, big or small, and help you to both produce and deliver your printed communications.

To find out what our enthusiastic and friendly staff can do for you, call contract print client manager Lorraine Noble-Thompson at lnoble-thompson@ call her direct line on 01507 529256 or call her mobile on 07748 965894.

• Take your ISDT bike to Stafford
October Stafford – or as it’s actually called the Carole Nash Classics Mechanics Show at Stafford County Showground – is just around the corner.

Part of the OBM editor’s duties include gathering bikes for the Dirt Bike Hall and this year we’re looking for  all sorts of ISDT/E bikes to come along. Why? Well, it’s ISDT centenary year, surely a momentous occasion for all concerned.

We’re also looking for a selection of TY Yamaha trials models – standard or trick it doesn’t matter. Contact us here at the OBM office if you can help.

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