Overseas trail riding

By Tim Britton, 13 July 2013
Got one of these? Try VINCE for a bit of adventure

If you’ve got a dirt-bike, a brain and don’t fancy the ‘eat my dust’ world of guided trail rides then this two day, old-school, non-GPS map reading event is for you...

Yes, it’s the best trail riding in Europe combined with Austin Vince and Lois Pryce’s legendary dirt bike orienteering challenge. Novice or expert, they say you will have tremendous fun in the sun.

The team says they have kept the price down to a manageable £250 per rider because they “aren’t greedy and just want to share the magnificent Pyrenees trails with you”.

You must be in a team of two, three or four riders, but if you lack riding partners but are still keen to enter, they’ll match you with some new buddies. 

For full details visit http://austinvince.com

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