Evo encouraged

By Tim Britton, 19 May 2013

The South East Enduro Combine has announced that it will be continuing the Tollring Evo class for classic bikes this year...

It runs two increasingly popular Enduro series – the SEEC Teamsnapper Enduro Championship, which is a classic timecard enduro format and the SEEC Teamsnapper Hare and Hounds Championship, which is the more modern three-hour race format. Classic bikes can be ridden in any of the 10 classes including the dedicated Evo class. With 14 championship races and one charity event planned for this year they could be well worth joining!

With land ranging from the forests of West Harting Down, to the south’s largest motocross track, Canada Heights, come and ride to see what is on offer.

To find out more and contact organisers visit: www.seecenduro.co.uk

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