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By Tim Britton, 22 May 2013
Safer straps from Lynx

Safer tie-down straps from Lynx, minimising the 'bungee strap hook in eye' injury, magnetic therapy wrists and ethanol resistant classic motorcycle petrol taps...

Starting with Lynx's tie-down straps. They’re the safe alternative to aero elastic cords with a hook on the end. There are terrible stories of such things causing accidents and injuries, but thanks to Lynx Hooks there’s a safer alternative.

Not only are they individually super-stretchy, but have a very secure interlocking hook system, which means that they can be extended in length or made into ‘spiders’ or nets by attaching them to each other. The locking system is very safe, so that old hazard ‘bungee blindness’ – where the bungees ping off each other as you stretch and attach them and hit you in the eye (main secondary symptom, extreme swearing) – will not happen.

Lynx Hooks cost £19.99 a set plus postage and you can get more informationn from:, tel 01273 597072

Magnetic therapy wrist bands it’s claimed, aid the body in dealing with the wear and tear motorcycling makes on it.

You can get them from distributor or telephone Jenny Ryan on 0114 2307844

Ethanol reistsant petrol tapLast but not least is a range of traditional round lever type ethanol resistant petrol taps as fitted to British bikes in the 1940s and early 50s.

This ethanol stuff continues to play havoc with older fuel systems, but luckily people like Paul Goff are on the case and come up with parts that will resist the stuff.

CNC-machined and nickel-plated with a stainless steel filter, these are quality items and are available with a 1⁄8 BSP (British Standard Pipe) or the more common 1⁄4 BSP thread (1⁄4 BSP is about ½in in diameter).

They cost £27.50 each plus £3.50 postage and you can get more info from or by calling Paul Goff on 01494 868218

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