Build corrosion resistance with ACM’s ‘densification’

By Dan Sharp, 3 April 2013
Tanks come up like a mirror!
Tanks come up like a mirror!

When conventional polishing isn’t enough a Suffolk-based firm has come up with a system which creates a finish that makes your motorcycle part up to 20 times more resistant to corrosion...

Anglia Custom Metal Finishing, based at Lowestoft, now offers high gloss densification. This involves using a mixture of polyster based abrasives and ceramic medias to transform parts in a way that cannot by matched using conventional buffing or hand polishing.

A spokesman for the firm said: “This finish not only looks amazing but it enhances your parts too due to the hardening properties of the process. This can result in parts becoming extremely resistant to corrosion and dulling of the surface metal.”

ACM can provide a wide range of finishes including mirror polish, satin polish, lacquered copper, raw copper, nickel, silver and gold.

For more details call 0845 224 9814 or 07845 594191. Email or visit

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