RealClassic 106 out now!

By Web editor, 4 February 2013
RealClassic 106 out now!
RealClassic 106 out now!

This month’s magazine features a bunch of British bikes, from Triumph, Norton, BSA and AMC; two Italians by Guzzi and Morini, and more steam engines that any other motorcycle magazine we’ve ever encountered...

Bert Hopwood Story
Inspired to investigate the people who created the bikes we call classics, Richard Jones started with one of the old industry’s most well-known characters. He follows Bert Hopwood’s later career at Triumph, Norton and BSA

Rider's Digest
How many different bikes did you ride in the last year or so? Frank Westworth rode a startling variety of classic motorcycles, and even liked a few of them…

TRIBSA combinationTriBSA Combination
Odgie investigates an unusual outfit which was built specifically for the Beamish Trial. A BSA Golden Flash frame with a unit Triumph 500 engine, Roadholder forks, and a sidecar stuck (as you’d expect) on the side…

1991 Moto Guzzi Le Mans
Nolan Woodbury reckons that the last Lemon was the sweetest of all, and takes a 1000 CI for a spin

Moto Morini 125 Rebuild
The final instalment. After some thirty weeks in the workshop, Stuart Thomson’s restoration of his unusual Italian single is complete. So it’s time for the test ride…

Norton Commando
Barry Huron doesn’t think too highly of how Commandos were originally put together so he set about bringing a 750 up to his own standards (and then some)...

Triumph T140 Hurriclone
Want to stand out from the T140 crowd? Paul Miles sampled a 750 Bonneville with added Hurricane appeal…

Triumph L2/1Triumph L2/1
You may be familiar with the Tiger 70 250 which Triumph built in the late 1930s. This is the machine which preceded it; a svelte OHC girder/rigid single, and the story of its restoration

PLUS Graham Ham goes Over The Hill to the wilds of Wales; PUB gets steamed up; Dave Minton discusses the difference between a real motorcyclist and slick biker, and Frank Westworth dons his AMC anorak to prepare a Matchless G12 for its MoT.

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