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Honda CB92 motorcycle advertisement from the Sicties
Ad focus: Honda CB92
Start comparing machines and you'll find yourself owning a Honda

The price of the Honda 125 Super Sport is £199.19.0. tax paid. All the "extras" on it are fitted as standard. Among the ones we've listed here, you'll soon notice items you'd have to lay out a good deal extra for on most machines. They're "all-in", and so is the performance that nothing but Honda can give you. Save this advertisement as a check list against any other machine on tho market —it'll lead you right onto a Honda.

Speedometer - Rev counter drive fitting - Rough track steering damper - Fingertip brake and clutch cable adjusters - Anti-theft lock - Shaped knee-grip petrol tank - Rear view Mirrors-Electric starter and kick starter. Specifications: Engine twin cylinder o.h.c. 4-stroke. Max. output 15 b.h.p. at 10.500 r.p.m. Max. torque 1.06 kgm at 9,000 r.p.m. Capacity 124 cc. Bore x stroke 44 mm x 41 mm. Compression ratio 10 1. Ignition h.t. coil and battery. Generator A.C. Clutch multiplate running in oil bath. Gears 4-speed positive stop. Overall ratios top 8.98:1, 3rd 11.12:1. 2nd 15:76:1, bottom 26.83: I. Oil filter centrifugal type. Tyres 2.50 x 18 front. 2.75 x 18 rear. Brakes twin leading shoe front only, leading shoe. trailing shoe rear, internal expanding. Front suspension short leading link. Rear suspension pivoted fork. Fuel capacity 1¾ gallons. Frame pressed steel. electrically welded. backbone type. Max. speed around 80 m.p.h. Fuel consumption with normal usage over 100 m.p.g. Weight 220 lbs.

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