The new look TCM
6 December 2011
A selection of views from you the readers on your new-look TCM magazine...

Around Australia

I have just been skimming through your Keep on ridin’, riding article in The Classic MotorCycle of July.

The ‘definitive book’ on the subject could be Around Australia the Hard Way, from 1929. It’s an absolutely fantastic tale of Harley-ing in Oz. It is published by Peter Thoeming, editor of The Australian Road Rider.

Simon Classon,
via email.

French fan

I’m a 60-year-old French enthusiast, interested in mainly British classic bikes, and quite a good Mortons’ customer as I am a subscriber for TCM, CBG and CR.

My first Norton (a 1961-99) was in 1969 and it was stolen the same year as the first edition of the reborn Bol d’Or in Montlhéry. But I still have some in my barn – a Triton 750, Norton Atlas, T20 Cub trial and TR25W for green laning.

Just a friendly message about the last issue of TCM, where I was pleased to read about Les Coupes Moto-Légende in Dijon. I would have been happy to have had a small talk with you while you were visiting us and obviously happy to offer you a glass of our Burgundy wine. I live 45 miles south from Dijon.

Would it be possible to know when some people of your crew will attend a major French meeting as it would be a pleasure to meet them for a small chat and not necessary bad for you to learn more about our local classic scene.

Congratulations for your new TCM look; it is fine and was the least Mortons could do after the great update made to CBG. Speaking of CBG, Clarky’s team are welcome to visit too.

François Bernard,
via email.

Pug’s a single

I have just received my September mag as the first one was lost in the post. I always enjoy your Straight from the Plate series because most of the photos are fresh. I just thought I would let you know on page 66, the Peugeot is a single cylinder motorcycle rather than a twin. This has a racing JAP engine fitted, with their twin port ‘dog ear’ head.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Ingham,
via email.

Wrong format

The Classic MotorCycle in the format of the past suited the era covered. Unfortunately, the new style is suited to any other magazine and has lost its identity, okay there is lots in it still of interest but as far as I am concerned not to my taste. I presume it has been redesigned by some graduate whizzkid with only graphic knowledge with no actual interest in old bikes which is a pity, but it will save me money as I will not be subscribing again after my current sub runs out.

Thank you for the past and wish you all the best for the future.

Ian Thorogood,
via email.

Happy with the format

Congratulations on the new format for TCM, with your renewed focus on early machines and old photos from the archives. As I read the August edition, I was more and more pleased with each turning page. As a fan of 100-year-old bikes, I’m interested to see how your new ‘Been there, done that’ column shapes up in the coming months. Please keep Messrs Poynting and Rosenthal well paid and happy, as their writing has given us all great pleasure for years now.

Pete Young,
San Francisco.

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