Winter wonderings

Friday, 3 January 2014
James Robinson, editor TCM
Around this time of year, in the despairing depths of winter, my mind often ponders the possibilities and opportunities of embarking on a long, ambitious motorcycle tour with, depending on my mood (and which websites I’ve been looking at – there’s a few ideas below), the choice of weapon being any number of (un)suitable machines, with destinations equally varied

To Venice by Velocette? (like that – maybe the prewar KTS?) or to Douglas (IoM) by Douglas? Too easy on the SW5 – apart from never ending petrol stops and the carriage of a toothbrush exceeding the luggage capacity – so I’d need a veteran for that one, preferably a single speeder. And so my winter passes…

During this period of contemplation I’ve completed what is my shortest period of motorcycle ownership. Wanting something to ride over winter, a pal said he had a tatty Enfield Bullet languishing in his shed that only needed “a couple of bits” doing, and was mine for a song. “Great”, thought I, “That’s just what I need”... and away I went, cash in hand.

I sent a picture to another mate of my new purchase the next day. “Don’t want to sell it, do you?” he asked. “That’s just the sort of thing I want for my lad.” Now, I didn’t really want to sell, but said friend has helped me out numerous times over the years and opportunities to do him a favour back are often few and far between. A day later, I’d decided he could have the Bullet so away it went, for exactly what I’d paid for it, though I did tell him he’s going to have to blast the stove-enamelled wheel rims of another ‘project’ to which he has readily agreed.

So not only am I highly unlikely to be setting off on any epic trips soon, I’ve sold my winter hack before even riding it. Back to the day dreaming it is, then.

*For inspiration and a break from the winter, see:, or,  most impressively (and that’s not to knock the others),

James Robinson, editor

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James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor

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