'Tis the season to be busy

Friday, 7 June 2013
James Robinson, editor of TCM
This has surely been one of the busiest periods I’ve personally ever encountered, with so many things going on, weekend in, weekend out

The classic world seems to be so busy at the moment, with new events springing up here and there, old ones to continue to support and established, existing ones to visit too.

Stafford of course continues to be the ‘big one’ but honestly, I’m sure I see less every year! There are so many people to catch up with and chat to, that before we know it, the weekend has passed and we have our unofficial debrief in the office on Monday morning. It goes something like: “Did you see that such and such in the back hall?” Reply: “No, but did you see that whatever in the autojumble?” “No, but did you see…” and on it goes…

There was of course plenty we all did see, while the usual vast array of sparkling machinery made it ever more difficult to choose a winner; though it must be said, Graham Bowen has set the bar so high now, with his staggering attention to detail, it really is difficult to see how standards can be improved upon. Is it possible to get New Old Stock air in the tyres? If it is, then Graham will be on it...

Then, a fortnight after Stafford, to something completely different – the ASI Motorshow, near Parma, Italy. Wow, what an event. There’ll be plenty more about it coming up – as well as some of the collections we were fortunate to be granted access to, as well, during the course of our trip – but one of the highlights for me was to be able to see the Guzzi V-twin in the accompanying picture ‘up close and running.’ Fabulous stuff, and something else to add to my increasingly long, increasingly ‘pie in the sky’ list of things I’d like...

I’ve also added a Tiger Moth aeroplane to that list, having had my first experience of going up in one of them – it reminded me very much of being in a three-wheeled Morgan, with much more up and down...  while the Vincent Comet-shaped shed space I was lamenting being there in last month’s column has now been filled too, incidentally with pick up day being the same morning as the Tiger Moth flight. There’ll be more about the latest purchase in the future, as by then I might have actually found time to ride it.

James Robinson, Editor

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James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor

James Robinson has been the editor of The Classic MotorCycle since 2002. Aged 34, he has possessed a motorcycle licence for 16 years and during that time has owned and ridden all manner of motorcycles, spanning over 100 years from oldest to newest.
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