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Friday, 1 March 2013
James Robinson, editor of TCM
James Robinson, editor of TCM
The evenings are beginning to draw out a little, the Bristol show is coming soon, the ice isn’t quite as thick in the mornings, the Banbury and 1000 Bikes entry forms have gone in, likewise the Irish National, plus a trip to the ASI Motoshow has been planned...

All the while, slowly, slowly, spring is edging ever nearer. The Pioneer Run will be here before we know it and then, the riding season is well and truly upon us.

And as usual, all the things that were meant to be done over winter are lagging behind. Not to such a terrible degree they’re not still ‘pull roundable’ but it’s time to start getting stuck in.

I’m a great one for a ‘to do’ list as it focuses the mind. It can also sometimes be a bit depressing, as it looks insurmountable, but then it’s time to sit down and see what has been done, what’s crucially important to do next – and what can wait. The ‘can wait’ list normally contains the rather ‘pie in the sky’/idealistic/cosmetic ideas (examples; replace 19in rims with 21in as appropriate, or source replacement pillion seat/seat cover… not exactly critical) but it’s the critical ones that need the most immediate attention.

On this year’s more important list are a number of little jobs that tend to be forgotten (one of four sheared tank mounting bolts sheared off, for example, or a tiny weep from a soldered up oil tank – both things which can be ignored/lived with but annoy and need ultimately to be sorted) though a few other things need more pressing attention – crucially, I need to get an engine back in one, I need to put the forks back in another (though the steering stem has been suitably modified), a rear mudguard needs refitting (though the painting’s been done), likewise an exhaust pipe, while a gearbox needs a closer look too. One magneto is away being rebuilt at present, then that machine needs a rewire, plus – and this is the next thing on my list – it wants a set of new tyres. So there’s still a fair bit to do.

Actually, tyres feature prominently across quite a few of the machines, now I think of it. That’s going to be the next job, I reckon. They all look fine, but many have all been in situ for what’s becoming rather too long – so that will go straight to the top of the list. Debit card at the ready, then…

James Robinson, Editor

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James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor

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