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Friday, 5 October 2012
James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor
Summer was seemingly over before it even started, and as I write this the nights have started drawing in and the mornings are getting cooler – but then, on reflection, I’ve managed to get to loads of events, had lots of good days out, ridden some great bikes in bright sunshine and sat on the grass bank during at least one race meeting and got sunburned…

The weather hasn’t actually ruined anything; sure, a few things were disrupted (Founders Day the prime example, 1000 Bikes just about got away with it…) but, really, everything has gone as it should have.

My latest weekend away was at the Goodwood Revival – yes, there’s not a huge amount of motorcycle-related activity there, and I simply went along as a paying punter but, well, in my opinion, the bikes pretty much stole the show – at least ex-World Superbike star Troy Corser did, riding a 1937 BMW like I don’t reckon anyone ever has; the BMW Mobile Tradition mechanics must have been watching rather, er, anxiously… Elsewhere at Goodwood it’s all fabulous cars, great planes, good music, nice beer, top food stands, some fantastic outfits – and, on Saturday at least, glorious sunshine. A great weekend, good fun all round. And I also found something new I want – a BMW 700 Sport car; check them out online…

Before that, it was a week away on the Irish National Rally – though the Model 9’s mag packed up before the start of the second day (it stood outside all night, uncovered, in the rain…).

Luckily we’d taken a ‘spare’ bike with us, so I spent the rest of the week riding my dad’s trusty old 1928 ohv 500cc AJS, which was actually more suited to the tight and twisty Irish roads, being considerably lighter than the Beam; despite there being just two years between them, and both being ‘overhead’ 500s, they’re like chalk and cheese, with the Sunbeam feeling much more modern and bulkier. Also, the handchange levers operate the other way, which takes a few minutes to get one’s head round. Still, another great Irish was enjoyed; 600 miles in four days, lovely food, brilliant beer and fabulous company – a fantastic way to spend a week. So... the ‘poor’ summer of 2012? It’s not been a bad one, after all.


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James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor

James Robinson has been the editor of The Classic MotorCycle since 2002. Aged 34, he has possessed a motorcycle licence for 16 years and during that time has owned and ridden all manner of motorcycles, spanning over 100 years from oldest to newest.
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