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Monday, 5 December 2011
Welcome to the first of our new and improved The Classic MotorCycle.

As you’ll see, we’ve introduced several new features, plus started in our attempts to add context to some of our more historical articles by combining an archive based piece (for instance, that on the remarkable Francis Williams) with a ride on one of the relevant machines (in this case, the motorcycle named, after Williams’ ownership, as Thor.) Many of the old favourites remain, we’ve just attempted to make the magazine a more arresting read. We hope you approve and enjoy what we’ve done. 

Much of the editorial concept hard work was undertaken by Steve Rose, with a lot of the application by designer James Duke, so thanks to both. By the time you read this hopefully both will have successfully completed Banbury – it’ll be Steve’s second time (though he has a lot less power than last time…) while it’ll be James’ debut (with sufficiently more power on the day than Steve). You’ll be able to read about how they and the rest of ‘Team TCM’ got on next issue. We’ve a ‘squad’ down there so all fingers are crossed…

What else has been happening? Well, despite it all being a bit hectic with our redesign, I made it down to Dijon for the Coupes Moto Legende and had a thoroughly enjoyable time of it. Never having been part of the racing community, I’d no experience of paddock life though I’ve now had a glimpse and while it’s a bit basic (tents, sleeping bags, primus stoves and outside taps…) I’m eager for more. I’m sure it’s the sense of paddock community which keeps many of these old racers parading.  

Another event closer to home was the Vintage Sports Car club’s meeting at Cadwell Park, which I eventually made it to, despite setting off on one bike which proceeded to pop, bang, miss and splutter, necessitating a turn around to limp it home and retrieve another from the depths of the shed… still, it was well worth it, with particular highlights seeing the agile Morgan three-wheelers hassling the more ‘higher brow’ opposition, though if I could have taken one car home, it’d have been the straight eight Type 35B Bugatti, if nothing else so I could fire it up and listen to its amazing shrieking engine.    

So, what with putting this ‘new look’ issue together, it’s been another busy month all round. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours.

James Robinson

The Classic MotorCycle Issue 42-01 - Jan 2015

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About the Editor

James Robinson, Editor
James Robinson, Editor

James Robinson has been the editor of The Classic MotorCycle since 2002. Aged 34, he has possessed a motorcycle licence for 16 years and during that time has owned and ridden all manner of motorcycles, spanning over 100 years from oldest to newest.
Presently the custodian of a varied shed full of motorcycles, his overriding enthusiasm is for pre-World War Two sporting machines, with a couple of cammy Velos, a Rex-Acme and a Model 9 Sunbeam among those competing for attention.

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