JAP classic motorcycle speedway engine

Considering it was almost never made, the competition single had an extraordinarily successful competition career. It is fortunate that John Prestwich, founder of the world-famous company that manufactured JAP engines, had second thoughts after visiting a local speedway meeting in 1928...

1932 Ariel VH32 Red Hunter classic British motorcycle

This four-valve sporting Ariel single was only catalogued for the single season, though its name lived on...

1937 BSA G14 classic motorcycle test

The BSA G14 was, by the 1930s, a far-from-advanced piece of kit. But the qualities it possessed were still popular – and indeed still are today. This G14 has been restored by well-known Hertfordshire restorer Robin James and is a super example...

These Douglas motorcycles look rather dejected as they await a much-needed consignment of imported magnetos...

Pre-war motorcycle clutches

Pioneer riders, on direct drive motorcycles, struggled on steep hills and with starting their machines. The advent of clutches, along with methods of altering drive ratios, broadened their horizons immeasurably...

BSA's classic CB34 classic motorcycle

BSA's Clubman Gold Star is one of the most iconic and revered British motorcycles ever made, and rightly so. This CB34 is a touch earlier – and rarer – than the more usual Beeza Clubman DBDs, but it still has plenty of pedigree...

Velocette 350 MAC and 250 MOV

The keys to a successful marriage may be hanging in the garage, judging by the longevity of this Velocette-inspired union between two kindred spirits. Mike Lewis looks at a Velocette 250 MOV (WD) and the more traditional looking 350 MAC...

Zundapp KS750 military three wheeler

The Zündapp KS750 was designed as a go-anywhere, unbreakable military wagon, able to cope with extremes of weather...

Triumph TT Bonneville (T120R)

If Tonka made motorcycles, then one can’t help thinking they’d make something like this chunky and purposeful TT Special. James Robinson reports...

1958 Ariel Huntmaster and Garrard Grand Prix child/adult sidecar

The old adage of what looks right is right applies here. Despite this Ariel Huntmaster being the end of the line for Selly Oak, its handsome lines are complemented by an attractive third wheel. Even a reluctant sidecarist is bowled over by this Birmingham-London plot...

Current Issue: The Classic MotorCycle Issue 41-12 - Dec 2014

• Ariel Huntmaster superprofile   
• BSA Gold Star   
• Triumph Speed Twins  
• AJS R7 Brooklands racer  
• Ted Mellors’ reflections    
• Closer Look – 1952 Sidecar GP season   
• Jerry Thurston column   
• Marque of distinction – Velocettes  
• Restoration Guide – JAP engines   
• Technical feature – New Imp rebuild, part IV  
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The Classic MotorCycle Issue 41-12 - Dec 2014

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