In the 1920s, with the enthusiastic support of Raleigh (a major manufacturer at the time) Marjorie Cottle became one of Britain’s best-known motorcyclists. Her ready smile brightened press photos, captured as she engaged in all sorts of motorcycle activities or displayed her considerable talent as a trials rider...

From 1936, this picture shows members of the London Ladies Club lining up on their motorcycles before embarking on a club run. Though the photograph appeared in The Motor Cycle of April 9, 1936, with no further information, the lady on the left is the then Jessie Hole, founder member of the club and works rider for New Imperial...

Yes, it's here at last - Britain's biggest do-it-yourself road test! Sixty-seven Ariel Leader owners answered our call for considered opinions on the famous two-stroke twin. Most gave their mileages: added up, they came to 857,000! Allow for the dozen who missed out and the total must be somewhere around the million mark...

Current Issue: 41-05 - May 2014

• BSA ZB32 Super Profile 
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• Laurin and Klement CCCC   
• Triumph Sprinter   
• Humber Sports   
• Straight from the Plate – sand racing
• Reader’s restoration – Vincent Rapide   
• John Surtees interview   
• Ted Mellors reflections   
• Closer Look – Brough Airfield   
• Vic Allan interview   
• Men who mattered – Jack Parker  

41-05 - May 2014

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